When Algae/Bacteria Problems
Become A Battle

Think Purity

Potable Water Management

The main use for Think Purity is algae and bacteria control if you use an algaecide like Think Purity you will have less algae and bacteria. Just keep in mind no one product is the fix .You may need to look at a pond program contact your dealer or the manufacture to help with this.

Less algae. Think Purity is an innovative algaecide/bactericide containing a very high concentration of biologically active cupric ions (Cu++). Conventional methods involve treating for algae after a bloom occurs, resulting in the need for high treatment levels and damage to non-target species. Think Purity allows long-term control and will prevent blooms from reoccurring.

Control of algae and reduction of bacteria yield several benefits:

  • Elimination of bad taste in drinking water due to algae blooms
  • Reduction in bacteria in water
  • Safer recreational environment for boaters and swimmers
  • Reduces or eliminates need for activated carbon

Less work. Think Purity green liquid solution self-disperses, allowing even distribution without spraying or mixing. Labour costs are greatly reduced.

Less copper. Think Purity active ingredient is a biologically active cupric ion (Cu++), which is the only form of copper that is useful in controlling algae and bacteria. Think Purity contains a unique Blend of acids, which allows a greater concentration under varying water conditions. Think Purity's high content of biologically active copper results in less total copper being added to the environment. The release of Think Purity ionized copper is controlled by biological demand (such as an algae bloom) instead of by water conditions. This allows you to treat prior to an algae bloom. The copper will not precipitate out of solution, but will remain fully dissolved for much longer than copper sulfate, thereby insuring long-term algae control without over treatment.

Think Purity is registered as an algicide/bactericide.

Think Purity algaecide P.C.P.#27754
Think Purity algaecide/bactericide P.C.P.#27434

RESTRICTED USES: Product is to be used for control of algae in municipal water supplies (bodies of water that may be used as a source of potable water before it is purified for drinking purposes). Do not apply or allow discharge to lakes, flowing water or ponds with outflow.

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