Lake and Pond Colorant

Wavex is flexible, concentrated non-toxic water colorant

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WAVEX Is In A Liquid Or Granular Form For Easy Application

WAVEX is a concentrated liquid formulation for use in contained lakes and ponds.

No restrictions on swimming, fishing, irrigation or stock watering. Leaves water a pleasing blue color. WAVEX Beautifies murky, cloudy or off-colored water with a pleasing, natural aqua-blue tint.

WAVEX formulation can be used for large bodies of water applications in dugouts and ponds. Provides color control with only 1 L of WAVEX per 250,000 gal. A 4 L Container will treat 1,000,000 gal of Water.

WAVEX is a high quality, concentrated water colorant. It creates a beautiful natural appearance to lakes, ponds and lager aquariums. WAVEX is safe to fish and aquatic species, waterfowl, wildlife and pets. It is noncorrosive and when used according to recommended rates, will not stain stone,fountains, approved aquatic features or swimwear.

The original colour level should be effective for 3-4 weeks, depending on environmental factors such as sunlight. Chlorinated systems typically require additional quantities within 2 weeks since chlorine will oxidize and degrade this product. Do not use with filtraion meda that removes color. To return the colour to its intended coloration level, simply add small amounts of WAVEX from time to time. This will offset the chlorination or natural bleaching that occurs in coloured bodies of water.

Features & Benefits of WAVEX
  • Easy to use. Does not need to be pre-diluted and no special equipment required
  • Concentrated. Disperses readily by currents and natural movement of water
  • Cost effective. Can last up to 4 to 5 weeks or more
  • Non corrosive. Will not damage equipment or tools
  • Give natural appearance to water. Enhances the beauty of lakes, ponds,aquariums and many bodies of water
  • Non toxic. Safe to fish, aquatic species, waterfowl, wildlife, and pets


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