When Algae/Bacteria Problems
Become A Battle

Think Purity

Agriculture Waste Management

Odours are a natural part of livestock farming. When gas-producing bacteria levels rise, the resulting odours and gases are unpleasant. Compacted solid waste build-up can cause a reduction in liquid storage capacity in waste pits and lagoons.

Think Purity has the unique property of controlling gas-producing bacteria and routinely reducing ammonia gas levels by 50% during the two weeks after application.

Think Purity pit and lagoon treat is unique, environmentally safe,PH controlled product.

The chemical reaction boosts the aerobic manure digestion process, which dislodges the solids from the bottom of the pit/lagoon and holds them in suspension. This process homogenizes the slurry and helps digestion of the solids.

Think purity helps keep nitrogen in the slurry and less nitrogen from gassing off as ammonia.

The net result is more nitrogen less labor, less odor, better work environment,ect.

  • 5- ppm lowest level by smell
  • 6- ppm eye and respiratory membrane irritation begins
  • 11-ppm animal performance reduced
  • 25-ppm maximum level for an 8-hour exposure
  • 35-ppm maximum level for a 10 min. exposure
  • 40-ppm headaches, nausea and appetite loss in humans
  • 50-ppm severe reduction in animal performance, health and increased possibility of pneumonia
  • 100-ppm sneezing, salivation, irritation to mucus surfaces

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