What Do You Know About YUCCA?

Contrary to common belief, the yucca is not a cactus but a member of the lily family. There are about forty different species but on only five have "nutritional value". The vital force (healing properties) lie in substances known as saponin steroids. These natural steroids support and enhance the intestinal enzyme system.

Today's refined foods move sluggishly through the intestines leaving a residue around the villi (small finger like projections lining the small intestine) which contribute to toxemia. Liquid yucca extract as a dietary supplement will do more that just speed up elimination. 

Since the saponin found in the yucca extract is a detergent, it cleanses not only the general surfaces, but deep around the villi, thus removing the "harmful toxins” that are the causes of many degenerative diseases and barriers to the healing process. Yucca is available in a variety of species and in several different forms. Tests show that the schidigera yucca has the highest content of saponin steroids. Ideally, the extracts should come from a cold press process so that all the natural enzymes are left intact. It should be taken in a liquid form.
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