Lake and Pond Colorant

Wavex is flexible, concentrated non-toxic water colorant

WAVEX Lake and Pond Colorant

Application Rates - Granular

Wavex Lake and Pond Colorant - Granular


Apply 2.5 kg of WAVEX per 250,000 gal. A 10 kg container will treat 1,000,000 gal of water volume can be determined using the following formula:

    pond length in feet x pond width in feet x average depth in feet x 6.2495 = total gal.

After calculating the water volume, pour the appropriate quantity of WAVEX along the edge of the lake or pond. WAVEX will diffuse evenly, dispersing with currents and normal water movement. To ensure diffusion throughout the entire lake or pond, pour small amounts of WAVEX at different points along the edge of the lake or pond or through an aerator, circulation or injection system, waterfall or fountain.

Wear eye protection and rubber gloves, and carefully apply WAVEX directly to the water.

WAVEX is safe to fish and aquatic species, waterfowl, wildlife and pets. It is a non-corrosive dye and when used according to recommended rates, will not stain stone, fountains, approved aquatic features or swimwear. WAVEX will stain rocks, decking and other porous surfaces if spilled or applied as a concentrate.

WAVEX is a high quality aquatic dye that will be oxidized and degraded by chlorine, which will diminish dye.

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