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Algae, excessive aquatic plants, cloudy or murky water, odors and even lethargic fish are all problems that pond owners face.

So your pond has algae what do you do?

Treat with pond wizard algaecide if you have fish use 0.06ppm  if have no fish you can go up to 1.0 ppm.

Two weeks after the algaecide you should use pond wizard water cleaner to speed up the decaying process to get the extra nutrients out of the water.

These organic wastes and nutrients  are used by aquatic plants like algae, hydrilla, duckweed and other aquatic nuisance plants to grow and thrive. When excessive levels of nutrients are present these plants can grow fast and quickly take over a pond.

Your water is murky and cloudy ?

POND WIZARD POND FLOC it is used to treat ponds for clarity and phosphate control. The pond floc ions bond with phosphate molecules in the water. This precipitate settles to the bottom of the pond and the phosphate is no longer available as a nutrient. Also, the pond floc ions act to bring suspended dirt particles toghter leaving the pond water sparkling clear. Standard coagulant is quite acidic and a large dose will lower ph and harm fish. The buffering agent in POND WIZZARD POND FLOC helps hold the ph steady.

Why would I use a dye in my pond water?

POND WIZARD POND DYE WITH BIO BOOSTER is a flexible, non-toxic water colorant and bacteria booster. It creates a beautiful natural appearance in lakes and ponds. This product is an excellent complement to the beauty of golf courses, park fountains large aquariums.the dye can also hide golf balls to speed up the play.

When used after POND WIZARD pond floc, POND DYE WITH BIO BOOSTER will help the Bacteria speed up the decaying process of the particles/sludge that settled to the bottom of the pond.

What does the put your pond to bed in the fall mean?


To Assist bacteria in the natural biodegrading of organic build up.

This is a Treatment for ponds, lakes, dugouts, community reservoirs. Assisting bacteria in the natural biodegrading of organic build up. Black smelly water during winter and early spring is usually caused by decaying organic matter entrapped in the dugout/pond, organic matter builds up in dugouts/ponds from algae and weed growth and is also washed in to the dugout /ponds by runoff water. In the fall, after algae and weed growth stops, decaying begins along with other materials such as tree leaves, grass and even manure from birds/livestock. The decaying continues after freeze-up and water is robbed of oxygen. In other words, it becomes septic. Under these conditions, odor is reduced and water turns black. Use FORTIFIED POND CONDITIONER to clean up your water for the next season.

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